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Meet the family

Fear Family

My Great Great (paternal) Grandfather William Fear moved his family to the Rhondda at the end of the 19th century. He exchanged a life working the fields of Somerset, to hew coal in Wales. The money was better here. My Great grandfather Gilbert Fear married a local girl: Myfanwy Parry. Many of their descendants still live in Rhondda.

Bevan Family

My parents are Richard (Ken) and Margaret Fear. Margaret nee Bevan's shy sister, Betty Wilson is in the photo. You can see Betty's portrait if you follow the Paintings link. Grandma PentreAlso in the photograph is another sister Doreen and their Great Grandmother Miriam BEVAN nee Bowen born 1847. Some of Miriam's children were born Welsh, others like Josiah Bevan (my Great Grandfather) were born in America. Josiah was born in Plymouth 1876. He worked in the coal-mines of Pennsylvania before the family returned to Wales. Betty said Josiah had hands like mine. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Josiah's son Cyril Bevan was captured by the Japanese in WW2. His story can be found via the Far East Prisoners of War (FEPOW link above).

Evans Family

My maternal granmother: Winifred Evans lived with us. A seamstress from an early age she was the last survivour of about 13 children. Her father was a colliery fireman living at Merthyr Vale. There is a photograph of most of the Evans family in the link above.

Other Stuff

From Photography

From an early age I've loved photography. I can still remember developing my first black-and-white film beneath a kitchen table blacked out with a large blanket. I always preferred black-and-white to colour film and was greatly influenced by Ansell Adams work. I still utilise his methods when assessing tones. I rarely managed to satisfactorily print my photographs. My equipment was primitive. I've had better success since the digital age and now I'm quite satisfied to view my photographs on a monitor and use them for inspiration for my painting. Most of what I know of composition was learnt at the local camera club

To Watercolour

Around 2005 I tried my hand at watercolour painting. To my surprise the paintings were received quite well by friends and family. This new hobby is quite forgiving to my arthritis. I enjoy watching paint dry! I've learnt a lot from library books the World Wide Web and DVDs. I enjoy learning about colour and try to use the best materials available to create the desired effect. This is proving to be a wise decision but I've still a long way to go. Ω

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